Hey everyone!

I was heading out to play golf earlier in the week, and just couldn’t get this prospecting webinar out of my head. I am always keeping myself open to learning opportunities, and this was so good I couldn’t forget it, and wanted to share. I truly believe that the best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself.  Check out my short video overview and the webinar!

[ytp_video source=” CSILKBVuy6w ” autoplay=”0″]

It was absolutely ridiculous! I will share 3 of the tips with you right now:

1. Networking: Make sure you are networking and getting out there. Go to networking groups, events, parties, anywhere there are people. Make a connection, build rapport, and get as many cards as possible. Don’t pitch at the event. Call them the next day, tell them how great it was meeting them, and share what you have to offer.

2. Real Estate Signs: Every real estate agent I meet keeps their options open for creating a little extra income, or a full additional stream of income. When you see those signs, call them the agents! Share your product, service, and opportunity.

3. A Simple System: If you are already involved with a company and in sales, make sure you are using a simple duplicatable system. This helps your new people plug in, stay engaged, and find success as well, thus growing your entire team.

Enjoy those tips?? Of course. Can you believe that the free webinar actually had 10 TIPS? To get the other 7 tips click on the button below to register for instant access to these 10 Prospecting Tips.

You will be able to put this into practice today.
Have a great day! I look forward to seeing everyone at the top!

~Thomas Seng