Are you a leader?

We were away on vacation over Thanksgiving week, and I just came across this video that we hadn’t shared.

So, are you a leader?  Do you lead from the front?  Or are you too worried about what everyone else in your company is doing, and everyone in all of the other companies?

We spent the week with our daughter at the beach.  We love it there.  Everything is within walking distance.  And, like a typical 6-year-old she wanted to be the “line leader”.  She wanted to be first, be in front, she knew the way.

The problem?  She kept looking back.  She would start walking, then start walking faster, and as soon as she was out in front, she was so worried that we were going to catch up, and sometimes push the elevator button before her, that she was constantly looking back to see where we were.  How close we were to catching up and passing her.

Listen in for the lesson we attempted to share with her that day…

[ytp_video source=” vPs8gcC9fd8″ autoplay=”0″]