Today is Veteran’s Day, I want to thank all of the people who have served our great country.  This has allowed freedom for all of us to be able to live our lives with choices.  People came over to America years ago because it was the land of opportunity, opportunity for entrepreneurs.

In the early 1900’s more than 90% of Americans worked for themselves.  Currently 90% of the workforce, work for someone else or the government.  That means only 10% of workers are creating their own futures, and hold the control.

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I have spent today with my daughter Amy.  In celebration of Veteran’s Day, she stayed home from school.  Because of the freedom that the Network Marketing profession offers, I was able to be available to her.  We went out to breakfast, set up a new basketball hoop for her, and played outside as a family until it got dark.

Did I work today?  Absolutely.  There are no days off when you are a Network Marketing professional.  I did new and follow up calls with some of my business partners, and continued to grow this business as I live my life, while sitting outside watching her shoot hoops.

Freedom?  It is definitely here.  It is here for all of us.  But there is a condition.  Just like all of the soldiers who have created a land of freedom for all of us, there is a price to pay.  Rejection, objections, time away from family and friends, and sacrifice.  But it is worth it, it is all worth it, for the freedom to be able to make choices.  It’s not perfect, but it is definitely a better way.

Thank you to all the veterans and their families who have so honorable fought for our country and our freedom.  Thank you also to all of the Network Marketing professionals who have paved the way for this incredible path to time and financial freedom!