Winners Have Focus

Don’t be the one of the people that spend their lives trying to figure out the past, complaining about the present, and fearing the future. Winners are focused on the present and their vision towards the future and always looking for ways to reach higher in a world that settles for mediocrity. Read More

The Search for the Golden Nugget

I’m a big advocate for personal development and investing in yourself.  I believe it is necessary and a must in order to develop leadership skills as well as growing yourself personally. However, understand this, when you consume yourself with “learning” so much that it becomes a distraction and it can turn into an excuse not to work your business. That’s a fact! Read More

Bad Day?

Ever had a bad day?

Nothing seems to go right in your business and no one gets what you are doing?

Hey, it happens.  But it doesn’t have to last.

Check out the video below for a few ideas to quickly snap you out of your funk… Read More

Who’s Next?


“Next” is a good thing.  A good mindset to have.

It’s not about forgetting your current team and clients, not following up with people, it’s about continuing to drive your business forward.

Check out the video below to see why the word “NEXT” will be a positive addition to your business and your success in 2016. Read More