Tips on sharing with your warm market

Looking to warm market prospect? Do you currently know people in your warm market that you would like to have in your business?  People you would love to work with?  People that would be perfect?

There are different ways to approach these people, ways that can keep your relationships in tact regardless of the final outcome.  You don’t have to be scared anymore.  Check out a few different tips… Read More

A Leader Looks Forward

Are you a leader?

We were away on vacation over Thanksgiving week, and I just came across this video that we hadn’t shared.

So, are you a leader?  Do you lead from the front?  Or are you too worried about what everyone else in your company is doing, and everyone in all of the other companies? Read More

Freedom on Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, I want to thank all of the people who have served our great country.  This has allowed freedom for all of us to be able to live our lives with choices.  People came over to America years ago because it was the land of opportunity, opportunity for entrepreneurs.

In the early 1900’s more than 90% of Americans worked for themselves.  Currently 90% of the workforce, work for someone else or the government.  That means only 10% of workers are creating their own futures, and hold the control. Read More