Looking to warm market prospect? Do you currently know people in your warm market that you would like to have in your business?  People you would love to work with?  People that would be perfect?

There are different ways to approach these people, ways that can keep your relationships in tact regardless of the final outcome.  You don’t have to be scared anymore.  Check out a few different tips…

The big change I made a while back, was to set appointments.  Let them know your intention – to show them what you are up to, and see if it is a fit for them.  Let them know you aren’t attached to the outcome, and that you simply want to show them something you are excited about.

Watch the video below for some exact verbiages that work really well!

[ytp_video source=”uvEgqyc_cow” autoplay=”0″]

See you at the top of your business!