Are you familiar with the term “3-way calls”?  I like to call it the success triangle.  I am sure it has been recommended to you that it is vital to do them to grow your business, but why and how…

To keep it short and sweet, and because there is a great example in the video below, I will simply make a few key points…

1.  People you know well: they trust you, but may not respect you.  At least not in a business sense.  Remember that stupid thing you did with them in college, or last Friday night?

2.  Your friends and family don’t trust your 3rd party expert (mentor/upline/sponsor).  They haven’t built a relationship with them.

Bottom line:  people trust you and can respect a 3rd party expert you edify, thus a success triangle is created.

Listen in at minute 1:30 of the video to hear how to get the call started and everyone introduced.

[ytp_video source=”0fUn1xJO3fU” autoplay=”0″]

One more thing to add…  Why did I tell you to shut-up at minute 2:19?  I realized I didn’t explain that.

You have brought on a 3rd party expert on to the call, to explain your products, services, or opportunity to your friend.  You have edified this person and validated why it is so important that your friend listen and believe this expert.  The minute you interrupt the expert, the minute you feel like you need to add something additional to what the expert is saying and you add it, you have BROKEN the success triangle, they have now lost credibility.  If the expert is the expert, there is no need to interrupt.  So have someone on the line or at the meeting with you, that you trust and you respect.  If there are certain key points that you think need to be covered with your prospect, then give the expert that info before hand, not in the middle.

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