Have you ever met with someone, or called someone, and his/her immediate response was “I’m not a salesperson”?

Or, “I don’t like sales” and “Sales is not for me”.
Sometimes people don’t understand that life is nothing more than sales in everything that we do.

  • We sell our boyfriend/girlfriend into marrying us.
  • We sell our children into eating their dinner.
  • We continually sell our bosses into keeping us employed.
  • We sell ourselves into showing up at the gym.
  • We sell really yummy restaurants.

In reality we just talk and share with people how we feel about things, how it could make them feel, what we’ve found out by doing something, what we’ve found out by using something, and how much they might enjoy the same thing too.

Start by being unattached to the outcome.  Take the sales out of it, the recruiting out of it, if someone puts up a stop sign.  Ask if they’d simply be open to trying your product or service for 30-days.  Just give it a test drive and see what they like best.

Check out the video below for a few more tips…

[ytp_video source=”OupGK7yPTFg” autoplay=”0″]

Want to dive deeper?  Check out the book by Daniel Pink “To Sell Is Human”.

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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