Who wins?  The ‘old school’ marketers or the ‘new school’ online marketers?

There isn’t a clear winner, they both need to be utilized.  

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The truth is, that over the past few years, as internet marketing has been on the rise, some MLM sponsors and companies haven’t been ready to embrace the change.

Choosing to incorporate internet marketing into your strategy, will make you more valuable as a leader. If you are already leveraging both schools of thought, building your brand and your business in a strategic way, you will have the history and success to be able to share with your organization.

It’s a stone cold fact that nothing is more valuable in the business world than a trusted brand. And nothing can create a better connection to your market than a trusted ‘personal brand’.  The fastest way to do this is through internet marketing.

Once you’ve done that, your income will have transcended your company and that is when you will truly be an ‘independent business owner’.

Ultimately, my message isn’t one of ‘Old School vs New School’… because the fact is that both camps need the other!

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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