I’m a big advocate for personal development and investing in yourself.  I believe it is necessary and a must in order to develop leadership skills as well as growing yourself personally. However, understand this, when you consume yourself with “learning” so much that it becomes a distraction and it can turn into an excuse not to work your business. That’s a fact!

If you spend day in and day out on your computer digging around trying to soak up massive amounts of info: reading, audio, video, searching periscope, taking notes, sitting in on every webinar out there searching for that ONE GOLDEN NUGGET that will change your business so you can go work it finally. Trying to learn this way will get you overloaded, confused, and leave you with zero energy for business activities and team building. This type of learning will hurt your business growth. I recommend 30 minutes to an hour a day of time to learn something new, apply it, teach it to your team,and move on. Be consistent with that amount of time daily and you’ll end up with a wealth of knowledge that you remember and can master. You should focus mainly on taking steps toward building your business with Productive Action!!! The Learning is in the Doing!!! Hope this helps!!!

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I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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