Are you still in school mode?  Still acting like a student?

We have been trained through the school system to prepare, to study, to not take action until we are ready.  We never would have walked into a math or literature test without first getting ready, studying, and being sure we knew all of the material.  We had to be sure we would know all of the answers.

Well, that was school and this is real life and real business.

You could spend your whole life getting ready to take action, making sure you have all of the answers, thinking it would be terrible if a client asked a question and you didn’t know the perfect answer right off the top of your head?  Well, wouldn’t it be even worse if you didn’t have the client in the first place because you were so worried you wouldn’t know all of the answers and never prospected the client?

It’s time to put the old school preparation mindset away, and step into your future.  Check out the video below to learn how you can speed up your business growth process and get right into action mode.

[ytp_video source=”-ROcFbtl6Nw” autoplay=”0″]

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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