If you could get better results from your followups, would you want to?

Of course!!  We all do!

Sometimes when we meet with people they are really excited to get started with our products or services, but it’s just not the right time.  Maybe they need to wait a day or two, a week, or a month.  So, you schedule a follow up appointment.

(ALWAYS schedule the followup appointment!!)

You call for the followup, like you said you would, and the person seems to have changed his/her mind.  Oh NO!!!

What do you do now?  How do you turn this around and still find benefit for both of you even if they don’t sign up?

Check out the video below for the details…

[ytp_video source=”bdy8mbXl4yc” autoplay=”0″]

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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