Sooner or later, you will experience fear when you start taking new actions at new levels.

Fear isn’t bad or something to avoid, it’s something you want to see and embrace.  Fear is actually a sign that you are doing what’s needed to move in the right direction.

What is fear anyway?  Is it real?  I know it ‘feels’ real when you are experiencing it, but admit it:  Most of the time, what you fear doesn’t even occur.  It’s been said that FEAR stands for False Events Appearing Real.

Use this frequently avoided feeling as a green light to signal you to what you SHOULD do…

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I handle fear myself by omitting time from the equation — since time is what drives fear.

The time is always now — and when you experience fear, it’s a sign that the best time to take action is at that very moment.  The problem with fear, is that the more time that passes since the inception of your idea, the more the fear builds, until your great idea no longer sounds so great, and you lose your energy.

When you allow fear to set you back, you lose energy, momentum, and confidence — and your fears only grow.

Make a decision this week to stand tall in the face of your fears, and push through them, because that is where success lies, on the other side of fear.

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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