Good morning everyone!

Over the weekend I spent some time at a business expo.  Expos can be great ways to get in front of a lot of people and try some different verbiages to master your skill set.  It was a great event, and I thought I would share a few tips for success at events like these.  

1.  Be engaging:  If you don’t seem excited about what you are doing and what you have to offer, other people won’t be excited either.  Make sure you are standing up and engaging people in conversation.  Once you have their attention, focus on a few key points, ask them questions, keep it fun and light, and then get their information.

2.  Listen in for a simple tip to ensure people add their info to your list…

3.  If you have any kind of sample, do not give it out unless you get their contact information.

Enjoy this brief video for more insights!

[ytp_video source=” Jvy4IPRSsPk” autoplay=”0”]

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