Salespeople drive the world economy.  At some point the term “salesperson” has developed a negative connotation to a lot of people.  I’m not sure why, every thing people do is sales.  You can see how in my blog, Everything is Sales.

The whole economy is run through sales.  Just think what would happen to the economy if all sales people took 6-months off…

Joe builds houses for a living (which means he sells people on the idea that he would be a good person to build their house)…

  • Joe couldn’t have plans drawn up because the architect isn’t selling his skills
  • Joe can’t hire someone to bring dirt or concrete
  • Joe can’t order and pick up supplies from Home Depot because no one showed up to work
  • Joe can’t build a house or make money
  • Joe can’t doesn’t have money to buy his Starbucks coffee
  • Joe can’t buy his Starbucks coffee anyway because the baristas aren’t selling coffee anymore
  • Joe can’t buy groceries for his family, actually no one can buy groceries because those stores “sell” groceries

Can you see how quickly the whole economy would completely shut down if all salespeople too 6-months off?  Forget that, what if they just took a week off?

Really it shouldn’t be looked at a “they” took time off, it should be “we” took time off.  We are all in sales in some way.

Check out the video below…

[ytp_video source=”n98wy-JWjBo” autoplay=”0″]

Be proud to be in sales!  We drive the economy!!

I look forward to seeing you at the top of your business!


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