What does it mean to be a risk taker?

Do you consider yourself a risk taker?

Life is all about taking risks, but choosing the right ones.  Everything is a risk: driving, walking down the street, eating, etc.  There are hazards that can accompany all of these everyday activities.

It is okay to take risks as long as there is enough information and there are precautions that have been set in order to mitigate the possible harm.

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My wife loves roller coasters, but was a little nervous about Manta (the one pictured above).  She was afraid she might fall out, flying face down at such a high speed.  But after she thought about it she realized that many people have ridden the ride with no harm.  They have been successful in their quest for an adrenaline rush.  So she did it, and loved it.  She went back and did it again!  The risk was worth it.

When in the business arena, the biggest way to lower your risk is to follow the paths of success.  Find the people who are getting or have gotten the results that you want, find out their secrets if you can, and duplicate.

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