Who’s Next?


“Next” is a good thing.  A good mindset to have.

It’s not about forgetting your current team and clients, not following up with people, it’s about continuing to drive your business forward.

Check out the video below to see why the word “NEXT” will be a positive addition to your business and your success in 2016. Read More

Are you still getting ready?

Are you still in school mode?  Still acting like a student?

We have been trained through the school system to prepare, to study, to not take action until we are ready.  We never would have walked into a math or literature test without first getting ready, studying, and being sure we knew all of the material.  We had to be sure we would know all of the answers.

Well, that was school and this is real life and real business. Read More

Do you do expos?

Good morning everyone!

Over the weekend I spent some time at a business expo.  Expos can be great ways to get in front of a lot of people and try some different verbiages to master your skill set.  It was a great event, and I thought I would share a few tips for success at events like these.   Read More