Reflect back on 2014

Good morning!

Are you enjoying 2015?  How are things going for you?

Did you do your planning for the year?  Set your goals and create a game plan for achieving them?

Before you move on completely to 2015, take a few minutes to reflect back on 2014… Read More

A Leader Looks Forward

Are you a leader?

We were away on vacation over Thanksgiving week, and I just came across this video that we hadn’t shared.

So, are you a leader?  Do you lead from the front?  Or are you too worried about what everyone else in your company is doing, and everyone in all of the other companies? Read More

A Day to be Thankful!

Thanksgiving is the one day a year everyone stops for a moment and thinks about what they are thankful for.  Take a minute and really dig in to what you are thankful for.  In your business life, in your family life…

We all get so busy, but remembering to be grateful it is an important habit to get into.  Read More

Do you do expos?

Good morning everyone!

Over the weekend I spent some time at a business expo.  Expos can be great ways to get in front of a lot of people and try some different verbiages to master your skill set.  It was a great event, and I thought I would share a few tips for success at events like these.   Read More