Ready to Blog?

My buddy Ray is a blogging wizard.  Blogging is a really good way to stay in front of your clients.  He is hosting a webinar on Wednesday night, November 4th.  Check it out.  He will lay out a simple blogging strategy with a ready to go format.

In just a few clicks of your mouse your BLOG could be ready… Read More

Are you still getting ready?

Are you still in school mode?  Still acting like a student?

We have been trained through the school system to prepare, to study, to not take action until we are ready.  We never would have walked into a math or literature test without first getting ready, studying, and being sure we knew all of the material.  We had to be sure we would know all of the answers.

Well, that was school and this is real life and real business. Read More

Hello Monday! We Welcome You!

Hello MONDAY!!!

It’s the beginning of the week and the mindset you adopt today will determine whether the week runs you or whether you run your week.

So many people dread Mondays.  The end of the weekend.  The end of the fun.  What if you started looking forward to Mondays Read More

Step Into Your GREATNESS!

Today is the day to conquer your fears!

But…how do you do that?

The fastest way that I have found is to know why it’s worth doing the fearful act.

Some of the scary things in business include:

-Talking to strangers

-Talking to people you know

-Sharing your product/service

-Sharing your opportunity

The big secret is in reframing the activity.  You know why you should do the activity.  Start thinking about Read More

Get Referrals Fast

How would your business grow if you had more referrals?  It would grow faster, wouldn’t it?

The big question is…How do we all get more referrals?  How do we get referrals fast?  Do you ever think, if people would just tell more of their friends what I do, I could be so much more successful?

There is a simple formula for getting more referrals. Read More

Foreclosure to $2million a Year

I’m really excited about this webinar!  Ray is a great guy and has a ton of value to share.

He will show the 6-steps he used to go from foreclosure to creating over $2million per year.

This information is not company specific, so if you are in any type of sales or network marketing you will find huge value on this webinar.  It goes live on Wednesday, May 20th @ 9pm EST!  Register right away, it will FILL UP! Read More

Benefits For Your Customers

Happy Friday Everyone!

What is your focus when you go out to show people your product, service, and/or opportunity?

Are you simply showing the ingredients, the research, and the facts?  Are you asking people questions to find out how you can benefit them and bring more value to their lives?   Read More